May 2008
ERF are delighted to report that they helped to facilitate the rescue and re-homing of a lovely 9 month old donkey called Annie last weekend.

Annie had been due to go to market where her future would have been very uncertain – many of the foals from this particular market are taken straight for slaughter. Each year the farmer who owned Annie’s mother would breed a foal from her and then take the foal to be sold at market – only weaning them that morning!

Luckily Annie was saved that distress and ERF would like to thank Diane who acted tirelessly on Annie’s behalf and to Annie’s new family Jennie and Simon in Brittany for giving her this chance of a new life.

ERF will continue to campaign to stop the long distance live transport of all equines across Europe – little Annie is only one of the many thousands of animals facing this cruel trip.

Annie, 10 minutes after arrival in her new home.

From Annie’s Guardians….

“Annie is doing really well although she has changed a lot since she came – she is no longer the quiet calm rather depressed little donkey she was – now she is much more bouncy and opinionated, fortunately we had done the leading and picking up feet etc. lessons when she first came so she is still easy enough to handle, but is now as I would expect a yearling to be – playful and into everything. Annie is almost always out in the sun so long as she has her fly fringe on she seems to be happy pottering about whilst the others stay under the trees, helping me ‘poo pick’ and knocking the wheelbarrow over !!!! Photos attached – you wouldn’t think it was the same donkey !!!!!!!”