June 2008
Here at ERF we get lots of emails from people wanting to rescue an equine themselves requesting advice on how and where to start.

After lots of emails being exchanged with ERF member Gina, she arranged to accompany us on our trip down to the holding yard in dept 24 (to save the donkeys Lena, Nanette & Belle) to see if she could help a horse that otherwise could be going for meat.

After looking around the fields we spotted a Palomino mare stood minding her own business whilst a fight erupted within the herd she was with.  She seemed to have a very quiet, calm nature, picked up all 4 feet for us and looked like she could be a good match for Gina.

We got her out of the madness in the field and apart from neglected feet and a bit unkempt she looked in very good condition. After looking her over as thoroughly as we could Gina decided that she definitely wanted to buy her, and the deal was done.

She stood quietly whilst we removed the swarm of mouche plats on her before loading her up along with Nanette to travel back to the Charente.  The Palomino with no name was saved!

As you can see she has settled into life with her new family very well!

It was discovered that her name is in fact ‘Creme’ and the riding club she was in has major financial difficulties. It’s so sad that a life of serving humans could have ended in the worst possible way.  For this lucky horse though the ending was a happy one.