Balto & Jenna

July 2009

Balto and Jenna finally found their forever home with Yvonne and her husband who live in the Charente Maritime.  Jenna and Balto who were rescued a few years ago along with have a very strong bond, so much so that Balto actually got badly beaten up by some ponies trying to protect his pint-sized friend.  They hate to be separated and where ever one goes, the other is not far behind…. which made it interesting trying to load them in the trailer when en-route to their new home! They travelled excellently though, and hardly moved – as you can see…

Balto & Jenna on the move!

On arrival they were taken to their new field where as you can see, they immediately felt at home and started to eat.

Me and my shadow

We wish them every happiness in their new home – a huge thank you to their new guardians for adopting them. We look forward to receiving future updates on their progress.