Gasparin (Gazza)

September 2009

In June 2009, ERF heard about the plight of Gasparin, a beautiful 15 yr old Norwegian Fjord gelding that was on his way to being sold to the abattoir. His French owners had acquired a property 5 years previous, and with it came a pony – Gasparin. They had tried to sell him, but to no avail because of his previous history of laminitis. They felt their only option of a buyer was the abattoir – until someone thankfully suggested ERF!
Gazza was severely overweight and was suffering from laminitis, barely walk anywhere!  Happily, his owners agreed that ERF could take him under their wing and try and find him a new adoptive family in the future.  Despite his obvious pain, his kind and generous nature shone through.

Gasparin found himself at the ERF Fat Camp, where he intially spent most of his first few days with us laid down because of the pain in his feet…

Gazza in the box


After a few days of anti inflammatory drugs, worming and a dose of versatrine to rid the mouche plats, he was ready to see the farrier for a much needed trim…


Front hoof before trim
Front hoof before trim
Fronts after trim
Fronts after trim

He was put on a carefully controlled diet and with time, having had his overgrown feet attended to and he was more comfortable in his feet, we were able to start gently exercising him….

and then start the slow process of coming back into work…

Gazza has now been adopted by Linda from the Correze and will be living with her lovely mare Beleza, who sadly lost her old companion a short while ago – as had Gazza in his previous home.

We look forward to hearing all about how Gazza gets on in his new life and we feel privileged to have been able to help such a kind and gentle pony.