Manon & Rowan

Manon was a broodmare in the meat trade and was left abandoned after the Maurs meat fair in 2009 where she had seen her long term partner and latest foal loaded onto a lorry destined for Italy. Pregnant with her eighth foal, her owner abandoned her in a field with no shade or water and it was here that she was finally rescued by our kind hearted supporter Diane who nursed back to health.

Happily, Rowan was born safely in spring 2010 and was a stunning little foal. He was handled from birth and Manon herself made a great mother. However, sadly, they could not stay where they were and so the hunt was on to find a new Guardian for them both after Diane gifted them to ERF.

Manon and Rowan

We were delighted when in January 2011, Sue offered to provide a permanent home for Manon and her foal. Sue is an experienced and dedicated donkey woman already having 3 donkeys of her own, 2 jennies and a foal of a similar age to Rowan. You can read of their arrival in this blog post. At last, Manon is safe and will live out her days in the company of other donkeys including her own foal.