GUARDIANS NEEDED Mimi is a 4 yr old female mule standing approx 14hh.  She came into ERF as a 2 yr old who had become too much for her novice owner to cope with in their small paddock.  Unfortunately she hadn’t been consistently handled from an early age and so needs an understanding guardian with the time to invest in her.

We spent time getting her to lead and in the round pen she learnt join-up, long reining with tack on and had been leaned over – all of which she took in her stride.  Mimi did go out on trial to a family for 2 weeks but they felt that they were not experienced enough to further her education.

Mimi is very bright, loves working and needs somebody that she can form a strong one on one partnership with.  Mules are incredibly intelligent and also have in general an trusting and sensitive nature. Mimi will be an ideal project for an experienced person to bring on and have many years of fun with and should make a very nice future ride and/or drive.

Trust has to be earned with mules but once gained they can become the most loyal and devoted of all equines!