May 27, 2009 ERF Donkey Lena Gives Birth!

In June last year, ERF rescued 3 female donkeys from a groupage yard in dept 24 –  Lena, Belle and Nanette.

We knew there was a possibility that any of them could be pregnant as they had been running with entires. This week Lena, who lives with Belle in the Vienne, gave birth to a beautiful healthy male foal. Lena’s guardian Jane, who has named the new foal Vinnie, arrived at the field just minutes after he had been born.  Lena is naturally being very protective over her foal when Belle is around, but is happy for  humans to get close to him. Well done Lena!!

Unfortunately, little Vinnie became a handful so we decided to separate him from his Mum at about 6 months and look for a new home for him.

18 August 2010

Yesterday we took our lovely Vinnie to his new home in the Correze where he will now live with new adopters Helga & Paul and Lulu the donkey. Helga had arranged to privately purchase Lulu from her previous owners due to their circumstances changing. Since Lulu  was local to ERF, we collected her en-route that Vinnie could have a companion immediately.

Lulu and Vinnie introduce themselves
Off to explore their new home

We currently have other donkeys looking for homes at the moment so please get in touch with us if you would like more info on becoming a donkey adopter.